The End of an Era

I started school yesterday. My summer’s officially over. Which, I’m kind of sad because it’s been a great summer, but at the same time I love learning sooo.. I’m kind of torn in two.

This summer has been an interesting one. I went on an amazing retreat, got trapped under a boat while white water rafting, passed out on the bus ride back, busted my knee, sang in a choir while barely able to stand because of said knee incident (don’t know if I’m super legit or just an idiot), strengthened a friendship with a guy I’ve known for four years, realized we were more than friends, babysat 4 little kids for two whole weeks, almost got into a Huey helicopter, and got kicked out of Ulta.

I’d consider that a fairly productive summer.

But now on to the school year. We’ll just see what crazy stuff I come up with now.

Look out world, here I come,



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