What We Do

This post is just a quick reminder that I think everyone needs to hear every once in a while.

I’m not a very good artist. But I love to draw.

Flowers, horses, people. Just about everything.

But again, I’m not a natural artist. So it doesn’t always turn out the way I planned. And that’s OK.

I don’t think that we should just not do something because we’re not very good at it. I know people who say they can’t sing, and yet they love to sing. So sing then!

If you are passionate about something, then do it! It shouldn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.

I feel like today we have a lot of people telling us not to do something unless we are excellent at it. If you’re a natural at something, great! If not, then how about you stick to what you know? There’s no room for you here.

So we don’t draw. We don’t sing. We don’t dance.

And all because someone told us we can’t.

I say do it anyway. In the long run, does what other people think actually matter?


So go do what you love to do. Because the fact that it’s something you’re passionate about is what makes it beautiful.


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