A week ago I was babysitting this sweet little 2-year-old named Kate.

Now, I say sweet. Which she is! But she’s also 2. If you have ever been so much as in the same room as a 2-year-old, you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s called the Terrible Twos for a reason, people.

Something I noticed about her though was her obsession with flowers. She had flowers all over her clothes and her room. She would collect little dandelions and pretty “weeds” from by the sidewalk and store them away for later.

She just loved flowers. And it made me think about miracles.

There’s a flower! It’s beautiful! How can we just pass by??? We thrive on those little miracles!

It is so easy to lose that though.

I remember when I was little my family would be driving and we’d see a field full of horses. I love horses so my mom would say “Abby, look! Horsies!!”

As I grew older it stopped being a huge deal. I kind of stopped noticing. And I didn’t realize that I was totally missing out until 2 months ago.

I was driving with a couple of adults and my friend, Brendan. I had just told Brendan about my love for horses, so when we drove past a farm he would point outside and say excitedly, “Abby, horses!!!”

His excitement at something that I loved was kind of eye-opening! Sometimes we get so used to the little miracles around us that we don’t even notice them anymore. Like flowers and horses.

So this is just a reminder to never forget about those little miracles that we see every single day.

Here’s to smiling so much it hurts,



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