“The Hour That Will Change Your Life”

I just finished a video by one of my favorite speakers, a Roman Catholic priest named Father Mike Schmitz, called “The Hour That Will Change Your Life.” And I’m honestly in awe.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwwiIkrLxTM

I highly suggest that you watch it. Even if you’re not Catholic! It’s 45 minutes long and really sheds some light on the Catholic church’s teachings on the Holy Eucharist. Which can be extremely confusing, even as a Catholic myself!

I mean, we Catholics believe that in the mass, the bread and wine are transformed into the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Which we then proceed to eat. Again, confusing. (And somewhat startling!) If you really want to learn more about why on earth we believe this, again watch the video. You won’t regret it! I dare you.

God bless,


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