Kinda Sorta Being Kicked Out of a Makeup Store….

I went out with two of my best friends, Monica and Larisa today. The first place we went to was Ulta (a makeup store). At first we were actually shopping around like normal people, but then everything kinda took a different turn.

We were over by where all of the makeup testers are when Larisa says, “We should use these and do our makeup super crazy!”

So since we’re super smart, we do. And let me tell ya… That must have been an interesting sight. Bright blue eyeliner, intense pink blush, navy blue eyeshadow, and a purple heart rimmed with yellow on each of our right cheeks. Yeah. Let’s just say that when Monica went up to pay for her items, the cashier asked if we were going to some sort of “event” and if we would be leaving soon.

We kinda got the hint that she wanted us out, so we left as fast as we could get out without it looking weird. So yeah. Three teenage girls kinda sorta got kicked out of Ulta.

So after we fleed Ulta we thought it would be a good idea to dare ourselves to go to Chick-Fil-A looking like that. We were all set up to go up fearlessly and order a drink. Yeah. We walked in, saw people we recognized from our church, and quite literally ran to the bathroom.

We scrubbed and scrubbed and got mooost of it off. We still looked a bit blue around the eyes when we left though.

My friends and I should maybe work on acting at least a bit closer to our age… Or not, we’re pretty great just the way we are.

Forever childish,


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