My Family of Friends

I have amazing friends. We’re all really weird and just the tiniest bit crazy. But then again, who isn’t?

My friends are always there. They’re there for hilarious selfies in Charming Charlie’s. They’re there to yell weird things as we walk down the street. They’re there to talk to me when I’m feeling down.

They pray for me. They laugh with me. And they tell me when I’m being an idiot.

I hope and pray that they know just how much they mean to me. Because through all the laughter and the tears, they’ve become more than friends to me. They’ve become family.

I thank God every single day for my family of friends. They are what keep me going.

And something that makes me sad is the reality that not everyone has that. I really encourage anyone reading this to make sure that they build that family.

Because even if we have our biological family, there are some things that only our family of friends can understand.

After all, you will always be a part of the family you were born into. But your friends chose you. They didn’t have to get up the courage to talk to you or to invite you over that one time. But they did.

Keep that family of friends close. They’re always going to be there to catch you when you fall.



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