Amazing Love

There’s a lot of love in my life. There’s my parents and my siblings. Those mornings when my 5-year-old sister will climb into bed with me because she “wants someone to cuddle with.” Those nights when I’m almost in tears from laughing so hard as I watch The Office with my parents. When I get a huge…… Continue reading Amazing Love

Kinda Sorta Being Kicked Out of a Makeup Store….

I went out with two of my best friends, Monica and Larisa today. The first place we went to was Ulta (a makeup store). At first we were actually shopping around like normal people, but then everything kinda took a different turn. We were over by where all of the makeup testers are when Larisa says,…… Continue reading Kinda Sorta Being Kicked Out of a Makeup Store….

“The Hour That Will Change Your Life”

I just finished a video by one of my favorite speakers, a Roman Catholic priest named Father Mike Schmitz, called “The Hour That Will Change Your Life.” And I’m honestly in awe. Here’s the link: I highly suggest that you watch it. Even if you’re not Catholic! It’s 45 minutes long and really sheds some light…… Continue reading “The Hour That Will Change Your Life”